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What is EFT tapping?

EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a form of energy psychology that works with the mind-body connection. There is increasing evidence that emotional trauma contributes greatly to disease and there are many research studies to prove this. EFT has been researched in more than 10 countries, by more than 60 investigators, whose results have been published in more than 20 different peer-reviewed journals, including top-tier journals such as the Journal of Clinical Psychology and APA journal Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training.

EFT has been shown in thousands of individual reports to rapidly reduce the negative emotional impact of memories and past incidences that trigger emotional and physical distress. Once the distress is reduced or removed, the body can often rebalance itself, and accelerate healing.

Many people using EFT are able to reduce the negative impact of memories around past events, thereby reducing physical and emotional pain and stress. EFT has been used for many physical and emotional issues such as:

  • Physical Discomforts
  • Healing Childhood Upsets
  • Clearing Limiting Beliefs
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Stress Around Sexual Performance Issues
  • Helping with Sports and Athletic Performance
  • Helping Vets Reduce Lingering Combat Stress
  • Everyday Life Stress
  • Relationships
  • Food and Substance Cravings
  • Plus Much More!


EFT can be astoundingly helpful with almost any kind of physical or emotional issue. You can try it on literally everything as it is simple, gentle, easy to do and you really have nothing to lose by trying it.

The principle that EFT is based on is that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. By tapping on acupressure meridian points while focusing the mind on a negative event, belief or emotion, it clears the energy disruption and the tapping can balance the negative reaction. Many times this happens in just a few minutes and the results are often permanent.

EFT uses elements of Cognitive Therapy and Exposure Therapy, and combines them with Acupressure, in the form of fingertip tapping on 12 acupuncture points. EFT is also often referred to simply as “Tapping”.

Tapping Points Chart




Please Note: EFT is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. If you are dealing with any sort of medical, mental, emotional or neurological disorder, are undergoing medical treatment or psychotherapy, please consult your physician or therapist. Please also share your experiences with EFT with your healthcare providers.